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This film could have a signifcant effect on the future of the English countryside!


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PLOT: A local resident of Sussex England sets out to discover what hydraulic fracturing is and what it means for the English countryside. He undergoes a sea-change of attitude as he discovers some rather unusual facts. The escapade leads him to a beautiful 160,000 acre estate, meeting a noble Lord, discovering a not well known renewable energy solution and is then awakened to the amazing spirit of an English village. This is a fast moving thought provoking adventure with a surprisingly uplifting conclusion. This is a film that will move you. The film is just 30 mins.

The film has the strange effect of causing rousing debates in live screenings.

What is the future of the English countryside?

What is our energy future? Are there solutions?

Some of these debates have gone on for hours! They've been fun and energising.



This is a film that crosses social boundaries, it has a naive simplicity. Almost everyone has warmed to it, even oil-men. It has been enjoyed in a special needs school, by councillors, in village and town halls, shops, private homes and almost everyone, activists and ordinary people, come away - enlivened.

And the extraordinary thing is - it was made by just one person. Give yourself over to the experience.


After nearly 50 public screenings An Autumn Diary is now online for the first time. There are three ways you can watch and also you are welcome to embed it on your website too:

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