an autumn diary

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Start your event with "an autumn diary"...this is a film that wins over ordinary people, even oil people. People actually love this film. It seems ' the thought of losing the English countryside' is what galvanizes most people. Whatever the reason this film will engage and animate your audience for the whole event, it hasn't failed to this so far- that is a rarity in a fracking event!

Suggested Programme

1 An Autumn diary (film, 30 mins)
2) Audience discussion (5-10 mins)
3) Speaker explaining what is proposed for your area (8 mins)
4) Professor Smythes geological slidehsow (5 mins)
5) Audience discussion and debate (5-30 mins)
6) Speaker: How to object. How to get involved. (5 mins)
7) Tea and social.


After over 40 public and private events I have become too busy on another film to actually organise events. However I can advise and provide publicity materials to make your event a success. I can (usually) be available to come along and introduce the film too. I will provide you with a free licence to screen the film.
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